CNC Electronics Wiring

I just wanted to post some photos of the electronics wiring. I thought the documentation was a little lacking, so I figured some detailed photos may help others. Just post in the comments if you have any questions.

Overall, I’m really happy with the kit even though the documentation is a little lacking.

I’ve also attached a movie, just in case you want to see some motors spinning.

CNC Motors

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and ordered the stepper motors and drivers. This was the most expensive part of my build and cost roughly $400 for the kit. In total, I’m figuring the machine will cost about $700 when finished. That includes all hardware, wood, motors, and controllers. It doesn’t include the computer that will run it as I’m just using something I had around.

After a bunch of research I elected to buy the following kit from Keling Incorporated:

CNC 3 Axis Package with 425 oz-in motor and KL-4030 Bipolar Driver with 36V /8.8A Power Supply

After hooking everything up, I thought the documentation was a little lacking, but there was enough information on the internet to get everything hooked up fine, but I really had to concentrate. I’ve posted a few pictures of the ‘unboxing’ and will be posting some pictures of my enclosure. I plan on putting all of the electronics into an old toolbox.